class OrderGeneralInfo

Name Type Description
Status Int32 Order Status (0 = UNPAID, 1 = PAID,2 = RETURN,3 = PENDING,4 = RESEND)
LabelPrinted Boolean Is label printed
LabelError String Is there a label error
InvoicePrinted Boolean Is invoice printed
PickListPrinted Boolean Is pick list printed
IsRuleRun Boolean If rules engine rule ran on an order
Notes Int32 Quantity of order notes
PartShipped Boolean If order partly shipped
Marker Nullable<Byte> Order marker (0 = NOT TAG,1 = Tag 1,2 = Tag 2,3 = Tag 3,4 = Tag 4,5 = Tag 5,6 = Tag 6,7 = Parked)
IsParked Boolean Is the order parked?
Identifiers List<Identifier> Order identifiers. [Prime | Scheduled]
ReferenceNum String Order reference number (Channel defined)
SecondaryReference String An additional reference number for the orderr (Used by some channels)
ExternalReferenceNum String This is an additional reference number from the sales channel, typically used by eBay
ReceivedDate DateTime The date and time at which the order was placed on the sales channel
Source String Order ChannelName/Source (e.g. EBAY)
SubSource String Order Subsource (e.g. EBAY1)
SiteCode String SiteCode used to differentiate between different sites from a single channel (eg. Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon FR...)
HoldOrCancel Boolean This shows whether the order has been marked as on hold, for processed orders if the order has been cancelled OnHold = 1
DespatchByDate DateTime Despatch by Date
ScheduledDelivery ScheduledDelivery Scheduled delivery dates. Take priority over despatch by date
HasScheduledDelivery Boolean
Location Guid Order location ID
NumItems Int32 Quantity of order items
RulesEngine IRulesEngineHelper
StockAllocationType Nullable<StockAllocationType>