class ChannelOrder

Name Type Description
UseChannelTax Boolean Validate if the tax should be overwritten on the order.
pkOrderId Guid Used when IsNew is false to update the order
AutomaticallyLinkBySKU Boolean When the order is saved it will try and link by SKU after trying by channel sku mapping.
Site String Used to determine the site of the order.
MatchPostalServiceTag String Match postal service method by name
PostalServiceName String Postal service name used for saving new postal services
SavePostalServiceIfNotExist Boolean Determines wither or not to save postal service if it does not exist
MatchPaymentMethodTag String Match payment method by name
PaymentMethodName String Payment method name used for saving new payment methods
SavePaymentMethodIfNotExist Boolean Determines wither or not to save payment methods if it does not exist
MappingSource String Overrides the mapping source for the channel for example if the Source is 'AMAZON FBA' MappingSource can be used to overried to 'AMAZON'
OrderState OrderState State the order should be saved eg hold, parked, none
PaymentStatus PaymentStatus Payment status of the order, eg Paid If Unpaid ChannelOrderAdapter.Save() will ensure order is PARKED
OrderItems List<ChannelOrderItem> List of order items
ExtendedProperties List<ChannelOrderExtendedProperty> List of extended properties for the order
Notes List<ChannelOrderNote> List of notes for the order
Source String Source
SubSource String SubSource
ChannelBuyerName String Channel buyer username / name
ReferenceNumber String Reference number, should be the same as the one used for despatches
ExternalReference String External Reference
SecondaryReferenceNumber String Secondary reference number
Currency String Currency of the order, if value is null, empty or white space it will default to UNK
ConversionRate Double The currency conversion rate Sale/Base
ReceivedDate DateTime UTC recieved date/time of the order
DispatchBy DateTime UTC date/time the order should be despatched by
PaidOn DateTime Date the order was paid for
PostalServiceCost Double Postal service cost inclusive of tax after discount
PostalServiceTaxRate Double Tax percent for the postal service cost, eg 20
PostalServiceDiscount Double Discount percent for the postal service cost, this will not calculate down the postal service cost
Discount Double This represents the final discount applied to the order, as a value (not a percentage), after all item-level discounts are applied. It will be split evenly across all order items
BuyerTaxNumber String The tax number of the buyer
DiscountType DiscountType This represents how the discount will be split between items and postage. For an expsanation of each opiton, see the enum documentation
DiscountTaxType DiscountTaxType This represents if the discount is applied before or after tax
BillingAddress ChannelAddress The orders billing address
DeliveryAddress ChannelAddress The order delivery address
OrderXML OrderXML The order XML
DeliveryStartDate DateTime Channel specified delivery start date (do not set where is not provided)
DeliveryEndDate DateTime Channel specified delivery end date (do not set where is not provided)
OrderIdentifierTags HashSet<String> Order identifier tags
ForceReSaveFulfilledOrder Boolean Bool to re-save order